The mission of PIAIC is to reshape Pakistan by revolutionizing education, research, and business by adoptinglatest, cutting-edge technologies. Experts are calling this the 4th industrial revolution. We want Pakistan tobecome a global hub for AI, data science, cloud native computing, edge computing, blockchain, augmentedreality, and internet of things. 

PIAIC will launch classes in the following locations, one city at a time, in the following order:





Accepting applications in Karachi.



Coming Soon



Coming Soon



Coming Soon



Coming Soon

To participate in the program and become eligible for the most prestigious credentials for AI, Cloud, and Blockchain technologies in the world, students must complete the following process

  • Submit the online application.
  • Get admit card attested at a PIAIC office.
  • Pass the entrance exam which consists of multiple choice English and Mathematics questions. Results are determined based on percentile.
  • Pass all PIAIC exams with an average score of at least 70%.

All programs are one year long in duration. Each program is divided into four quarters (12 weeks each). Classes are held once a week. In the initial stages, classes will be held only on Sundays. There will 3 sections of classes available, including Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Native Computing, and Blockchain. Each class will be 3 hours in duration per week, for a total of 36 hours per quarter or 144 hours for the entire year.

Those students who wish to participate in the program online can check the distance learning option in the application form. Please note that distance learning students must also take proctored exams on site, just like the onsite students.

The fee structure for onsite students is PKR 1,000 per month for 12 months, payable in 4 installments of PKR 3,000, before the start of each quarter.

The fee structure for distance learning students is PKR 500 per month for 12 months, payable in 4 installments of PKR 1,500, before the start of each quarter.

Please note, all fees will be collected by Saylani Welfare Trust, the most trusted NGO in Pakistan. Saylani has strict audit processes already in place to ensure proper accountability of funds.

Please note, this is a highly prestigious program. Due to the high level of difficulty, only 10% of students will be awarded the PIAIC certifications.

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